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I'm an admirer of active rest, I like travels along forests and mountains. Usually during summer vacations I have a rest in climbing camps near Elbruses or go by kayak. I repeatedly passed Pra river (Ryazan area) and has made detailed plans of some routes. I went along the rivers and lakes of Kareliya and Arkhangelsk area. I like to rest by lakes and rivers of the Ryazan area at any time of year, to live in tent and try to catch a fish on ground fishing tackles.

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presley.jpg (17783 bytes) I try to write a music of  "Rhythm and Blues" style and to play it by piano. I collect early records by Elvis A. Presley ("Sun" times).


Music examples: "Jail house rock" (MIDI-file where the Presley's voice is changed by xylophone); "Sea coast Rhythm 'n' Blues" (fragment of my MIDI-composition, written for jazz band).

sea.jpg (4415 bytes) I lake to take slide pictures with large expositions. I have about a thousand of original photos of various places of Russia and other countries. Look at my photo alboom, please. Snowing.jpg (15503 bytes)