1. Scientific work

I have been working at the problem of digital processing of short experimental signals since 1988. I have some inventions chained with methods of adaptive processing of radio signals. Some results of my researches are used in study process of Ryazan's State Radioengineering University and in experimental-research works of various concerns. I had published a series of articles in magazines translated in the USA, taken part with reports in about 30 of All-Russia and International scientific and technical conferences. I have scientific publications in the USA, Great Britain and other countries.

Now in the scientific laboratory of the Radioengineering department I work at a problem of the reduction of computing and instrumental expenditures of parametrical modeling and adaptive processing of short signals under conditions of a priori indeterminacy. I apply spectral methods based on autoregressive - moving average (ARMA) as a mathematical models of experimental processes from various application areas.

Areas of application of my scientific researches:

2. Teaching

I read lectures of disciplines:

I had prepared a laboratory practical works on industrial controllers "LOGO" (Siemens), "VisSim" computer means (Visual Solutions Inc.) and developed a series of the teaching programs of various disciplines for a radioengineering specialities.

I'm a curator of student's group.